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Many have seen “Ready player one” where they have virtual reality platform in their best appearance. Fantastic future shown in that movie is no longer far away from us. Already today you can experience the hurricane of emotions that can be provided by VR Platforma. In this review we will tell you what models of VR platforms are currently on the market.


Developed in Britain, ROVR is the most inexpensive and least professional version of virtual reality platforms. The walking is supposed to be achieved through sliding movement of feet, without lifting them from the surface. I had the pleasure of talking to one of the developers of that platform who showed a good sense of humor in answering my question “How does one go backwards in such a system?” He replied: “How often do you walk backwards in real life?” Sure, we don’t do it often in real life, but we constantly go backwards in games.

The huge advantage of ROVR in comparison to most platforms is the fact that its software is not tied to company’s servers, which makes the platform autonomous.

The main problem of that platform is not however the fact that there is no going backwards. It is the absence of any kind of support of holding-in-place mechanism. When I was testing ROVR I had to hold the ring around me at all times. Besides, as it turned out, steps are conducted not because of leg movement but because of the sound/vibration of touching the surface which results in lame tracking.

The only other advantage of the platform is its relatively low price, however price-quality ratio leaves much to be desired.

It is important to note, that Virtualizer, Kat Mini and Omni (we discuss them below) are, in a way, logical evolution and development of ROVR.

Infinadeck and Cyberith Virtualizer

We could not confirm the existence of these platforms. At the moment of writing of this article we can’t find and test them. As far as I understood they are correspondingly American and Austrian products.

Infinadeck resembles a classic running treadmill. The surface under feet is supposed to move in all directions thus allowing for the freedom of turning. Nevertheless, such construction will greatly complicate movement when doing a sharp turn during running and it is in general hard to imagine that moving on such a surface can be easy. If you have ever tried to move around on a turned off running treadmill – you can imagine what I am talking about.

As for Virtualizer – it is hard to say anything besides the fact that it looks like prototype of Omni and shares all of its cons.

Both of these platforms have no support system and only have holding-in-place systems in a form of a ring around the player’s waist.

The information about the two has been taken solely from internet sources.

Kat Walk and Kat Mini

Kat Walk was the first VR platform I have tried out. The first impressions were very much spoiled by the low-quality content which also was all in Chinese. Nevertheless, I liked the comfort of the holding-in-place mechanism and impressive appearance. At the same time I disliked the unreasonably huge weight of the platform because there was no support mechanism.

Unfortunately, because of that last disadvantage playing on Kat Walk turns into a serious physical exercise. It is rare for someone to hold for longer than 20 minutes. Another disadvantage is software dependence from Kat’s servers. During set up the user needs to tie their platform to a specific wi-fi network. If you take it out for an event or change the network or even simply lose connection for a long period of time you will not be able to use it – the sensors won’t work. You’ll have to write to tech support in China and hope for a quick solution of your problem. It is impossible to solve the problem on your own. Kat costs a lot and delivery plus customs can make the price completely unreasonable.

Another bad surprise was that Kat Walk’s multiplayer game are all charged for. Yes, you heard it right – you will have to pay them every single time you launch a multiplayer session. For every platform. On VR Platforma we do nothing of the kind.

Kat Walk is hard to disassemble and transport. For that you need two or better three tough employees.

Chinese manufacturer seems to have decided to switch from B2B to B2C and started to produce another ROVR-like treadmill: Kat Mini. Thus they lost their main feature: comfortable holding-in-place system. Kat Mini shares all the disadvantages of Omni (see below).


Virtuix Omni

One of the first models on the VR market. The player is fixed by a special belt and slide on a platform in special shoes.

Just like ROVR, Omni lack real body support. The holding-in-place mechanism is better than ROVR’s but way worse than that of Kat Walk (you are constantly hitting the ring around you) but that does not help you from losing your breath after playing for 10-15 minutes.

The list of supported game is not very big but the games are more interesting that those of Kat.

Unreasonably high price makes Omni the most expensive platform on the market. Also it is the second most (After Kat Walk) difficult to assemble and transport.

Another disadvantage is that Omni is dependent on company’s servers. At first launch you will even have to TeamViewer head office so that they activate your Omni. In case of any tech problems this procedure will have to be repeated an infinite number of times.


VR Platforma

After studying and working with different platforms for a long time we have managed to create our own platform that combines the best features of all other existing platforms as well as our own unique innovations.

VR Platforma is the only platform on the market that has fully functioning body support system. The platform takes over up to 100% of player’s body weight which allows to prolong gaming sessions to several hours.

Our platform also has a wonderful holding-in-place system that makes gaming safe without creating any movement barriers.

Our Platform is significantly cheaper than Kat or Omni.

VR Platforma functions completely autonomously so after the purchase you will never have to receive any kinds of approval from us.

The list of supported games includes top Steam VR games like Pavlov VR or Arizona Sunshine as well as AAA PC projects like GTA V, Vanishing of Ethan Carter and many other.

Our platform can be easily assembled and disassembled by one person. It can be transported in a passenger car.

It is important to note that only VR Platforma has a special back panel made for the comfort of its operator: you will not have to look for a place for the PC’s system unit, gaming equipment and personal belongings.

  VR Platforma Omni, Kat Mini Kat Walk ROVR
Support system +++++ - - -
Holding-in-place system +++++ ++ +++++ -
Autonomity +++++ - - +++++
Game list +++++ +++ +++ +++
Assemble and transport +++++ +++ - +++++
Operator’s panel +++++ - - -
Price +++++ - - +++++

Start your business with VR Platforma today! We hope to hear from you soon!

Author: Roman Vartanov