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In this article we would like to share our experience in conducting business in VR. In advance we must point out that we started our work as a VR club, then, simultaneously, tried ourselves in pop up locations. Once we were sure that this venture pays off we decided to concentrate on manufacturing and developing our own VR platform.

Two types of VR platform based business can be pointed out.

 Pop up location.

The biggest advantage of such method is quite low investment level. It is enough to have just one VR Platforma and a rental agreement. The platform can be placed in a specially designed area in a park, at an airport, shopping gallery or mall.

From our experience of placing platforms in Moscow’s shopping malls we can tell that even in low traffic locations the platform attract players. 10% to 25% of the bypassing traffic visit VR platform.

It is often the case that the space in a shopping mall is very limited and there is no way to place several VR platforms. It is preferable that you have a change to install at least two VR Platformas because that would allow you to more than double your cash flow because people are more likely to play in pairs than alone.

You must select platform operating staff carefully. A good employee should know how to make a client interested and excited. They should give clear instructions and help in case help is needed.

On average an experienced operator can handle 2 or 3 platforms.

It was surprising for us that on the first week we got around 20 regular customers, some of whom visited Platforma almost every day after the opening.

Average pay off period will be from 3 to 5 months. We are always happy to consult our customers regarding developing business with VR Platforma.

VR club or arcade

Opening a gaming club or arcade implies more serious investment but the end result makes it worth it.

The first difficulty you will encounter is choosing the right place for your VR club.

Your location does not play a big role. VR Platforma is a unique form of entertainment. People are ready to drive outskirts of the city to experience it. Nevertheless, transport accessibility and parking space play an important role. If you have an office center, big residential areas, universities or school nearby that can turn out very useful for you.

The second task is developing and advertising your club. In case you rent a pop up location or move out for events you have a guaranteed flow of customers, which will not immediately happen with you own location. Advertisement will become a very important investment at the start of you venture. We are ready to give you a free consultation regarding promoting you VR club, because there are no such mistakes that we did not do J. Thanks to our experience we can tell you how to make you advertisement most efficient.

It is also extremely important to decorate you club and teach your stuff properly and thus make it memorable for your guests. You don’t need to invest millions to make a cool place but you’ll have to show some fantasy.

For your own club we recommend having not less than four platforms. Even if not all of them are busy all the time it is greatly compensated by corporate parties and birthdays as well as regular team battles among groups of friends. We will tell you how to conduct mass tournaments and form your base of regular customers.

At the club you will need not less than one operator for every two VR Platformas. Four platforms can be easily handled by an operator an operator-administrator. For bigger amounts you will need to hire additional operators.

The pay off period of a VR club will be from 5 to 9 months.


In this article we studied basic forms of business with VR Platforma. Low competition makes the niche quite attractive. Do not be afraid. Catch hype while it’s still trending. When starting your business with VR Platforma you get an ocean of free PR that is boiling around virtual reality. We always help our clients on their way to building a successful business with VR Platforma. You can contact us to purchase platforms today.

Author:  Roman Vartanov