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About VR headsets

VR helmets are high-tech devices which allow users to interact with simulated surroundings and experience the effect of full immersion.

Since the launch of our own Hype VR club we have tested many types of VR headsets: from inexpensive mobile VR kinds to premium models. Now we would like to share our experience with you.

VR for mobile devices

The variety of VR headgear models for phones is truly large. The prices are also very different. Chinese models noticeably stand out. Their cheapness and huge variety make Chinese manufacturers leaders among mobile VR headgears. Nevertheless the quality of such models often leaves much to be desired.

Low price can be named as one and only advantage here. Unfortunately, the level of immersion into the virtual reality is rather low. You will never be able to experience the same emotions premium VR headsets provide. Also there are many fake products on the market. The cheapness of these models is achieved by usage of inexpensive parts and cheap materials. We do not recommend choosing anything from this segment of VR devices.

So what is left for those who want to get most quality at acceptable price? We must say that the market is rather huge at the moment but in our opinion there are three models that truly deserve you consideration. We are talking about Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and also, in case you like consoles, Playstation VR. Let’s analyze each one in detail.

Playstation VR

As you can tell from its name, this model is suitable for using with Playstation console. Playstation VR offer great level of immersion into the virtual reality. It is true that it might not be as great as that of HTC or Oculus but if you have Playstation and want to experience VR – you don’t really have a choice :)

Seriously though, Playstation VR headgear has several advantages.


  1. Big game library
  2. Easy set up
  3. Comfortable helmet
  4. Price


  1. Not the best image
  2. Average tracking
  3. Dizziness occurs during long sessions.


Oculus Rift

One of the leading models on the market. Special sensors are built into the helmet to control head movement. Thanks to quality image the risk of dizziness is lowered.

Easy set up makes this model comfortable for home usage.


  1. Great amount of content
  2. Acceptable price
  3. Easy set up
  4. High quality tracking


  1. For best tracking you need to buy additional equipment
  2. Long gaming session cause eyes’ tiredness.


HTC Vive

Vive produces great image and accurate positioning. Two base stations that come with the gear allow most accurate tracking of player’s movement. Two VR controllers also come with.


  1. Excellent tracking
  2. Great amount of content
  3. Most comfortable controllers


  1. Price
  2. Difficult set up



If you want to experience full VR immersion – do not think about mobile VR, those are not going to give you what you want. At best you can use them for travelling.

If you have a Playstation and don’t want to overpay for an expensive PC, then PSVR is your choice.

Otherwise Oculus would be great for home usage. Easy and simple set up allows you to fully enjoy VR at home.

Now if you want to use VR headset for business purposes then it would be best to get HTC Vive. We are using this headgear on VR Platforma. Complex set up is compensated by great tracking.

Authors: Ilya Zhegunov and Roman Vartanov