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Prospects of movement in VR

VR has stopped being something supernatural long ago and we are surrounded by lots of applications and devices that allow us to immerse into the virtual world. With the distribution of VR the question of movement in virtual reality became extremely topical.

It is highly uncomfortable to move around in virtual world while remaining still in reality. When we play at PC our brain clearly understands that we are sitting at a desk and that everything that is going on in a game is only happening on the screen. With a quality VR headset we fully immerse into the virtual universe and our brain becomes sure that everything around is real. That’s why when we press a button to move inside a game our brain starts to worry. Discrepancy between what’s going on and what we are doing causes headache, nausea and vertigo. After all, it is to solve this very problem that we invented VR Platforma, which we are going to discuss later in that article. There are several ways to solve this problem.

Adjusted reality.

AR way is the most futuristic and impossible for the moment way of solving the issue of movement in virtual reality. AR assumes adding virtual, unreal objects to our field of view so that they become part of the world around us. The gadget through which the user sees the world shows them modified version of reality with added new objects or changed existing objects. In other words, while moving in AR we are moving in real world so there is no discrepancy between the brain and the body.

One of the brightest examples of AR is the recently popular game Pokemo GO. Nowadays there are many apps that have implemented alike technology. You can try out clothing without going shopping, check out how the chair that you are going to buy will look like in the interior of your apartment etc. However all that is quite primitive since a fully functioning AR universe does not exist so far. The main problem of AR is that it is technically difficult to realize an adjusted reality that is beautiful and pleasant to users.

The image that is transmitted to a smart phone is often unrealistic. There are problems with shadows, color transitions and changing of these parameters with movement. Also, in real life we see depth of picture and can adequately perceive the distance to the object whereas in AR this can be troubling.


Building virtual world in a specially designed place

This approach requires developing a program for a specific location or room. With consideration of all its dimensions and details. The advantage of such approach is the thoroughly worked on location and great immersion effect. When moving in virtual world you can see your arms and legs, sit or jump and all of your actions will be reflected in the virtual world.

The disadvantage here is highly expensive implementation. Besides equipment and location you’ll need to create a game designed specifically for that location. And creating quality game is not cheap and the impression your guests will be highly dependent on how good your game is. Another con is that you will be tied to your location. If changes are made to the gaming area or if you decide to change your location you will have to adjust your game. Even a minor change will destroy the correct positioning of the player in the virtual space.

Another big disadvantage is lack of content. Every game is made by order for a specific location which is alone very labor consuming. That is why even in huge projects there are usually not more than three games. And of course you will have to forget about letting your guests run around in incredible worlds of such games as GTA V or Bioshock.

VR Platforms

There are several options for VR platforms, and will talk about them in a different article. Unlike the previous approach, this one does not depend on a specific area. The player stands on the gaming platform and moves inside the virtual world while physically moving in reality but remaining on the same spot. All of that is possible thanks to a specific fixation mechanism, comfortable sliding shoe covers and work of sensors. There is no more dependence from a specific place. We can move our platform wherever we want.

There is a huge variety of gaming content available. On VR platforms you can play such AAA projects as GTA V, Bioshock, Serious Sam, Arizona Sunshine, Pavlov VR and many others.

The player is fixed on platform safely with no risk of damaging themselves or the surroundings.

We are confident that VR Platforma represents the best solution to the problem of movement in virtual reality. Our product will easily adapt to any innovation on the market because the principle that it is built on will never lose its topicality. Omni-directional gaming platform allows free movement for any distance and in any direction in VR, while moving and remaining on the same spot in reality.

Author: Roman Vartanov