Getting dizzy in VR?

VR games offer incredible level of immersion into the virtual space. Quality image and sound make us believe in the realness of what’s going on in front of our eyes and fully dissolve in the game. Unfortunately, even such a pleasant activity as VR games has its disadvantages. One of the biggest ones is vestibular system disorder otherwise known as virtual reality sickness or VRS.

There two theories for why VRS occurs. The first one ties it to the discrepancy between what we see on the screen and what is happening to us in reality. In game we jump, shoot, fight and perform other actions. But actually we are standing still at that moment. This causes a dissonance in our head and makes us feel bad. The player starts to feel discomfort, nausea and dizziness.

Thanks to VR Platforma the significance of this problem is greatly reduced, because when on the platform the player does not only move in the game but also in reality.

So, how to avoid VRS?

Modern technologies allow to almost completely distance oneself from this problem so that even a person with weak vestibular system could play VR games comfortably. The first stage of protecting yourself from VRS is thorough set up of the gaming programs. Modern games have dozens of parameters which allow changing game graphics settings. It is important to reach maximum image quality and reach most comfortable FPS for gaming. Also the set up of the VR system itself is very important, for instance that of such an important parameter as Head Tracking. Right set up is key to comfortable and long gaming.

In case you start to experience VRS you should stop gaming, have a sit and try to relax. In a couple of minutes you should feel already better. You should drink a glass of water and it is preferable that you go outside and remain there until dizziness completely goes away. Mint or coffee candies also help with dizziness.

If you experience VRS on regular basis then you should try less intense games and only gradually switch to more active games. If you play frequently, you will gradually develop immunity to VRS and at some point discomfort from playing will just disappear. We wish you a pleasant gaming experience!

Authors: Boris Shmakov, Ilya Zhegunov